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My Children! My Africa!
HartBeat Ensemble in Hartford, CT

This is the 2nd remount of the 3 hander set in Apartheid ridden South Africa.
MCMA started with Civic Ensemble in 2016, followed by The Kitchen Theatre in 2017 and now it gets another life at HartBeat. This time extending the run for school performances in the Hartford area. Brianna is playing the fiercely eager and curious student, Isabel Dyson. 

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What the people are saying...

"Perhaps most exemplary of this emotional command was Brianna Ford in the role of Rosalind. Ford portrayed Rosalind (and Ganymede) in a jovial, energetic way which captivated the audience. Far from merely muttering the lines, she brought to each verse a physicality – whether in literal skips and jumps or in facial expression when communicating with other characters – that satisfied the original challenge of bringing Shakespeare to life." 
                                               The Cornell Daily Sun

 "But Ford's Essie risks stealing the show with her inspired "dancing". Never walking when she can twirl, Essie performs constantly, her 'creative' gestures the height of absurdity."
          Ithaca Journal

"It is Emily who unfolds as the play’s protagonist, and you'll seldom see the iconic role better played than by Ford."
Lavender Magazine (Minneapolis)

"Three actors play Helvetica at different life stages, with the bulk of scenes going to the superb Brianna Joy Ford as the writer in adolescence. Ford's scenes with Nick Strauss, who plays Helvetica's dad, are among the show's most moving."
      Chicago Reader

"Brianna Ford is outrageously funny as Essie, the dancing daughter... The performance is both excruciatingly funny and, simultaneously, oddly touching and beautiful."
                                                               Ithaca Times  

"Molly Aster (Brianna Joy Ford) stood out as having a strong voice and fantastic character work."

                                   Northwest Herald (Chicago)

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