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Amusing Tidbits:


  1. In grade school Brianna wrote "dogs rule" on all of her schoolwork in place of her name and was eventually sent to the principle's office when "dogs rule" was circled in on a standardized test.

  2. Brianna's first role was Captain Hook in Peter Pan. You know, every young girl's dream.

  3. Brianna is often likened to Natalia Dyer and Maisie Williams, who play two of her favorite characters in two of her favorite shows!

Brianna's Joys...

Brianna grew up splitting her time between Seattle, WA with her mom and NYC with her dad. She has ridden more planes than you can imagine and can navigate Seatac and Newark like no other! Raised by musicians, Brianna was drawn to the arts and got her BFA in Acting from Ithaca College in NY.


Upon graduation she moved to Chicago, attracted to the intimate and gritty theatre scene. She worked consistently in theatre and film, utilizing her musical talents (flute, singing) along the way. She studied at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre (learning Folio), Acting Studio Chicago, Vagabond and was represented by Lily's Talent and Big Mouth Talent during her time there. A few of her favorite projects were Molly in Peter and the Starcatcher, Alma in Summer and Smoke and performing in a sketch show at The Second City!

Brianna always knew she would end back up in NYC and once the pandemic hit, she had the space to evaluate that decision. This August, Brianna and her fiancee, Jelani, made the leap to Brooklyn and are relishing this new chapter. They've been fortunate to work together at various regional theatres in the country... including productions of Our Town, My Children! My Africa!, and Much Ado About Nothing. 


As far as interests go, Brianna has a wide range, from Shakespeare to clowning to film to sketch comedy to developing new works to playing classic roles to teaching to writing to hiking to knitting beanies.

Let's play!

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